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The FastStart program is a non-academic education offering to allow students to learn about entrepreneurship. It is in a non-traditional offering delivered mainly by volunteers. It will be open to students from all faculties. The program will be delivered across the communities of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Durham College, Trent University and Fleming College. Recognizing that not all skills can be transferred in an academic environment and that experiential learning is key, we will offer a student incubator program for those with particular aptitude.

We live in an economy fueled by innovation. Many students have innovative business ideas and want to explore them; and that often involves striking out on their own. We can help student entrepreneurs be successful through this program with the help of knowledgeable volunteers. 

In truth, knowledge of entrepreneurial issues will benefit all students whether they are in business for themselves, employed by others or engaged in social enterprises.

Mission: FastStart seeks to make entrepreneurship and innovation central features of UOIT culture, across all disciplines.

Vision: FastStart will deliver to UOIT community members the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills applicable for all their working lives, whether in self business, established business, social enterprise or public service. In doing so we will improve the likelihood of success, grow the economy and create jobs. As a corollary we will encourage the pursuit of innovation in the UOIT community.

FastStart is an entrepreneurial training partnership aimed at university and college students. FastStart is designed to increase entrepreneurship skills and awareness and help students create solid business plans that take their products and services to market – quickly and successfully.

FastStart’s partners include four academic institutions and two community entrepreneurship groups: University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Durham College, Trent University, Fleming College, Spark Centre, and the Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster.

FastStart is available to students at the four academic institutions in all fields of study. The partnership also welcomes other youth in the community who possess an entrepreneurial spirit.

FastStart offers:

  • Events that help stimulate students’ understanding of, and interest in, entrepreneurship as a career option.
  • Customized services to help participants refine their ideas, build teams and prepare solid business plans to deliver products and services to market
  • Programs such as boot camps and student incubators
  • Progressive, focused programs for students with demonstrated interest and ability
  • Prepares students to transition through FastStart to the Spark Centre, the Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster or to other local business access development centres where they can find additional services to help them quickly advance and launch their businesses.

Find out more information on the FastStart main website.

David Pamenter
Executive in Residence, UOIT

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